Police Newsletter Excerpts

The following excerpts are taken from the East District Newsletter by searching for all street names within the borders of the Sprecher East Neighborhood Association as well as streets names in the Meadowlands development. There were no incidences reported from March-August of 2008.

Datesort iconAddress/LocationTypeDescriptionAdd Comment
02/2008Golden Maple Rd.2/4, unlocked door
01/2008Broad Creek Blvd.1/19, 10 pm, Unlocked car was in garage with open door. Resident heard noises and found 2 juveniles in car. Juveniles fled. Nothing taken.
08/2007Littlemore Dr.8/25, purse taken from unlocked car in unlocked garage.
07/2007Dominion Dr.Theft From Auto, Dominion Dr., 7/4
07/2007Aztalan Dr.Aztalan Dr, 7/7, windows broken out of car Ironwood Dr., 7/15, damaged car
06/2007Sprecher RdResidential burglary.
04/2007Annestown and RadfordOn 4/3 at 12:30 am, Papa John's driver saw vehicle following him. He stopped on Annestown to call police and vehicle pulled in front of him and started to back up to front of his car. Pizza driver pulled out and went to next delivery on Radford. When he went in with pizza, he saw the suspects' car parked down the street. When he returned to car and began to back out of driveway, he struck suspects' car. The suspects had apparently turned off their lights and pulled behind him after he got in car. The suspect driver got out of car, looked at front end damage and left area. He was stopped a short distance away by officers coming into the scene. Suspect driver said he was trying to contact the pizza driver to ask for gas money. Passenger suspect said he didn't know why they were following the pizza car. Knife found under front seat. Two 17 year old males were arrested for Disorderly Conduct.
04/2007Broad Creek Blvd.On 4/13, a citizen reported seeing 3 young males with guns on Broad Creek Blvd. The citizen did not know if the guns were real or not. Three 12 yr olds were contacted. Each had a BB gun. The BB guns were confiscated and the boys were counseled. The parents requested the guns be destroyed.
03/2007Cottage Grove Rd and SprecherOn 3/22 at approx. 11pm, a woman was driving with her newborn child in the car when she stopped at the flashing red light on Sprecher at Cottage Grove Rd. She saw a grey Ford Explorer stopped in front of her. The male driver got out of the explorer and walked back to her car and began to try to open her car door. Fortunately, her car door was locked, but her window was down a few inches. When the man tried to reach into her window, she rolled the window up and the man punched her window. As the woman began to drive away, the man kicked her door. The woman was able to drive around the man's car and flee the area. She came to the East District Station and contacted an officer in the parking lot. The man is described as a white male in his 30's, 6', 230. He has short brown hair about 1 inch long that was described as a "grown out army look". He has a very thin and trimmed goatee and mustache. He was wearing a grey spring jacket with a 3" black stripe across the chest. His eyes were described as looking like he may have been on drugs.
11/2006Broad Creek Blvd.11/17, 12:30p, Resident came home for lunch and parked unlocked car in garage with garage door open. 20 minutes later discovered car door standing open and purse gone. Credit card had been used
10/2006Littlemore Ct.10/12, House under construction had 2 boxes of tan aluminum siding taken from the garage. The suspect vehicle was seen in the area.
07/2006Summertown DrCaller reported damage to house under construction. Door was forced open, feces was found on the walls and graffiti in white paint. Drywall was damaged as well as cabinets.
07/2006Hopewell Dr.On 7/20 at 3:30 pm, a resident on Hopewell Dr. contacted a man standing in her driveway. The man stated he represented an alarm company and her house had qualified for a free alarm system. The resident asked for a business card but the man could not produce one. He left a cell phone number that went to voice mail for a Badgerland Alarms. Later that evening the resident saw the man drive by twice in a green, 4 door car. He is described as a male with dark skin and short dark hair.
06/2006Bluff Point Dr.On 6/8, a 14 yr old male Whitehorse student was about to get on the bus after school when 4 males confronted him. The males, ages 14,15 and 17, asked the victim if he belonged to a rival gang. After the victim got on the bus, the 4 males began following the bus in their car. The bus driver called police, but before police could arrive, the victim got off the bus on Bluff Point Dr. The 4 males immediately "jumped" the victim and began striking him. The bus driver was able to intervene and the 4 males left the area. The 4 males were later located and arrested.
06/2006Cottage Grove Rd and SprecherOn 6/29 at about 3pm, an 11 yr old boy was near the corner of Cottage Grove Rd and Sprecher when he was struck in the back with a pellet. He saw a person in the window of a near by house. Officers eventually contacted a 15 yr old boy who stated he was shooting at a can on the window sill and one of the pellets that missed must have accidentally struck the boy outside.