Meeting Regarding the Lien Road Roundabout

08/03/2010 - 09:00
08/03/2010 - 10:00
Oil Equipment Co, 4701 Lien Road

You are invited to attend a construction update meeting regarding the Lien Road Roundabout project on Tuesday, August 3rd at 9:00 AM at Oil Equipment Co, 4701 Lien Road.

The meeting is being held to provide information regarding the upcoming closures of Lien Road, N Thompson Drive and Zeier Road to accommodate the installation of new railroad crossings.

The closure of the streets is planned to begin the week of August 9th and last for approximately 7 to 10 days.

Message boards will be placed beginning next week to announce the upcoming closures as well.

Preliminary Dicussion of Grocery Store Development

11/05/2009 - 17:30
11/05/2009 - 19:00
Door Creek Church - Children's Ministry Area Song Bird Room

The SENA Board of Directors will be meeting on November 5 at 5:30pm at Door Creek Church with a developer to discuss a possible grocery store in our neighborhood. Board of Director meetings are open to anyone in the neighborhood. If this development becomes more of a reality a bigger meeting will be called for the neighborhood.

There has been significant discussion about this possible development in the discussion forum. Please review that discussion and weigh-in with your opinion. You must be logged into the site to view and post. If you are a neighbor in Door Creek, Reston Heights or the Meadowlands and haven't registered here yet, please take a moment to do so. It is the best way to stay informed with happenings in the neighborhood.

Apartment Proposal: Lot 263 or 6901 Littlemore Dr.

09/15/2008 - 17:30
09/15/2008 - 22:00
City-County Building at 210 Martin Luther King Dr.

This project, which will come before the Plan Commission on Monday, Sept. 15, starting at 5:30 p.m. in the Second Floor meeting room of the City-County Building at 210 Martin Luther King Dr. If you want to weigh in, support or opposed, attend the meeting to share your thoughts. The impact of a live person taking time to speak is a bit greater than an e-mail or letter. Again, if your comments are positive, negative or you just want to suggest a change to the general project, you are welcome to come.

You will see in the attached document there have been some changes - fewer units, movement in building layout and some design upgrades. The project has passed the Urban Design Commission, which only deals with "the looks" of a project, not whether or not it is approved regarding the land use.

Plan Commission will review the project against the adopted neighborhood plan (reviewed at the meeting) and the review standards. If approved, it goes to the Common Council for approval. The project could be referred, meaning go back for some minor revisions, or placed or file or rejected, which usually means a wholesale redesign at either point.

This project meets the neighborhood plan objectives and likely the standards for review. You still have the opportunity to share your viewpoints, however. Please do!!

The following changes have been made to the proposed development plans for Lot 263 of Reston Heights. These changes have been made to accommodate the comments from the neighborhood meeting on June 11th, city planning staff or the Urban Design Commission:

  1. Entry Drive Location: The location of Dulles Drive was adjusted on the plan to show it in the proper location. The original site plan had used a Dulles Drive location from a preliminary plat drawing that was no longer accurate. The vehicular entry drive on Littlemore was also adjusted to maintain the alignment with Dulles Drive. The location of the eastern most driveway on to Littlemore was also adjusted. The driveway was moved west to provide a larger natural buffer yard to the east and to align with an existing driveway across the street.
  2. Density: Both the number of buildings and the number of units reduced. There are now a total of five buildings and 158 dwelling units, a reduction from 164 units. The unit mix was also revised to included 10 two bedroom apartments with a den.
  3. Parking areas and sidewalks: The parking and pavement has been further designed and detailed to subdivide the parking and interior driveway. Walkways have been relocated to maximize the usable open space. A walk now provides a direct route from the public sidewalk on Littlemore to the public pedestrian-bike trail to the south.
  4. Clubhouse building: The designs for the clubhouse and pool area are now illustrated. (But, I can't load them here because they are too big.)

The functional portion of the re-zoning is to gain approval for 158 apt. units at 6901 Littlemore Dr. This lot is part of a much larger parcel, that was approved per the neighborhood plan some 10 or more years back, as a general development plan (GDP)for multi-family housing that encompassed four lots for building, roughly bounded by Wyalusing, from Littlemore to Stockbridge, with the Stockbridge piece proceeding almost to the beginning of the bend on Bluff Point. On Littlemore, the lot 6901 extends east to a woodlot, with single family homes on the other side of the woods.

Part of the approval for 6901 involves shuffling approved numbers of units from one lot to another, technically changing the GDP. Some of the lots will never support the number of units initially approved at the GDP because of wetlands and other land issues. Since the numbers of units per lot on the approved GDP is changing, it needs a zoning amendment and a public hearing. Since there is also a Specific Implementation Plan (SIP) in this GDP for the apts. occurring now, it makes sense to do the alterations and the SIP, both called zoning changes, at one meeting.

When the other lots develop, they will also come for a public hearing as they pursue approval for their own SIPs.

Parks Commission Meeting Regarding Door Creek Park Development

09/10/2008 - 18:30
09/10/2008 - 21:00
Warner Park Community Center

If you have interest in the trail, either in support or opposition, you are invited to weigh in, by appearing at the meeting on Sept. 10, 6:30 pm, at Warner Park Community Center. This issue, as some of you have observed, is like many that involve different points of view - it's complex, with no "right" or "wrong" answer. In this case, it's a bit of a science question that requires some expertise in tree health and habitat. While there may be disagreement among the experts, open and active discussion like this and at the meeting will bring resolution.

As an area park, this is park and its amenities belong to thousands of people. Please participate and share your thoughts. In the end, it makes for a better park and community.

Attached are a couple documents created by neighbors most affected by this development.

Development on Littlemore

06/11/2008 - 18:30
06/11/2008 - 20:00
Door Creek Church - 6602 Dominion Drive - Room 103

Please join interested neighbors and Alder Lauren Cnare for a meeting with local developers about a proposed apartment development on Littlemore Dr. on Wednesday, June 11 at 6:30 pm in Room 103 at Door Creek Church. Approved at the macro, or General Development Plan, phase, this project is being detailed for approval at Specific Implementation Plan phase. The lot is bounded by East Hill on the western edge; Littlemore on the northern edge. The bike/pedestrian gravel path borders the south and sort of western edges. Over three years, the project will provide 6 two and three-story buildings with a pool and clubhouse for a total of 164 apartments. Please come to share your thoughts about the design and placement on the site.

Review of Master Plan for Door Creek Park

03/06/2008 - 19:00
03/06/2008 - 20:00
Door Creek Church - 6602 Dominion Drive
Door Creek Park

Madison Parks Division staff will present plans for a new community park to serve the growing population on the east side of Madison. Door Creek Park is a 115-acre park, located east of the interstate, between Milwaukee Street and County Highway BB in the Door Creek Neighborhood. Door Creek Park is a large community park that has been in the planning and acquisition stage since 1990. The Master Plan for the park include both active and passive recreation typical for Madison’s large parks: athletic fields, playgrounds, picnic areas and shelters, tennis and basketball courts, shore fishing, winter ice skating and ski trails, winter and summer trails both linking to Dane County’s regional trail system.

The attached article appeared in the Wisconsin State Journal on Saturday, February 23, 2008.

Royster Clark Property

Photo courtesy of The Daily Page

A Public Planning Meeting for the future of the old Royster Clark Fertilizer Plant on the Corner of Cottage Grove and Dempsey Roads was held on Monday, November 5 at Whitehorse Middle School. Planning for what to do on this site is just in its infancy.

Although the site is still owned by Agrium Corp, there is a purchase agreement in place to sell it to Michale Hershberger of Urban Solutions, a Madison-based real estate development firm. They don't have any plans for the site and this meeting was an opportunity to brain storm with the neighbors for ideas. There are going to be some challenges with this project namely the high cost of demolition and environmental issues. A market feasibility study will be done. More information is available on the Royster Clark Special Area Plan website.

MMSD - Sprecher School Estates

On May 16, the neighborhood association received the preliminary plat plan for the large lot bordered by Dominion, Wyalusing and Sprecher. This is parcel number 071012213014 which is currently owned by the school district. The proposed name for that area is MMSD-Sprecher School Estates.

The plat extends Herndon from Wyalusing Drive to Dominion through the lot. This, in part, divides up the lot into 11 smaller lots as follows:

  • Lot 1: Fire Station (corner of Sprecher and Wyalusing)
  • Lots 2-10: Single Family Residential. Within these proposed new lots are existing lots where there are currently two houses. One of those houses is in the Town of Blooming Grove and the other is labeled as the City of Madison and First Addition to Reston Heights Lot 247.
  • Lot: 11: School. This is the large area that would be between the "new" Herndon Drive and the park.

The property to be rezoned is located at 651 South Sprecher Rd.

Ordinance File #07735

The Common Council of the City of Madison do hereby ordain as follows:

Paragraph 3317 of Subdivision (a) of Subsection (2) of Section 28.06 of the Madison General Ordinances is hereby created to read as follows:

"28.06(2)(a)3317. The following described property is hereby omitted from A Agriculture, R2 Single-Family Residence District, R3 Single-Family and Two-Family Residence District and R4 General Residence Districts and added to the R2 Single-Family Residence District:

Lot 248, First Addition to Reston Heights, City of Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin, containing 20.756 acres."

The preliminary plat is available on the City's Planning and Development website.